The Corona Gap

Thousands of students around the country are rethinking their fall 2020 college decision.  Many wonder whether they will go to college this fall at all.  There are many factors that attribute to the diminished excitement about attending freshman year in college. Committing to a campus sight unseen is a gamble for most students.

Students are asking themselves if they should forego their dream college in order to be closer to home.  Additionally, disrupted financial situations are a big concern.  Many students have lost their part time jobs, money that they were counting on to help pay their college tuition.

Another big concern is the college’s resolve to go digital.  When campus living turns to online study life seems to take a different tone.  For some students the excitement of attending school away from home in order to experience freshman year in a dorm with new friends and roommates may choose to put that dream on hold.  In other words, proximity is realistically more appealing than attending that dream college.

Committing to a campus sight unseen is a gamble for most students. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the college campuses that were on your original list, try the virtual tours.  You may even ask to watch a virtual class.  Not the real deal but not a total waste of time either.  Consider that on campus classes will resume in January and your grades will in order.

Local colleges, community colleges and even a GAP year may sound like new and fresh ideas to some graduates of 2020……  And why not?  Although staying close to family wasn’t the initial plan it is a viable one.  If paying a lot of money to take online courses doesn’t exactly exude that freshman college experience, consider other choices.

Most of all look on the bright side and don’t give up that school spirit!