What we do

How Can We Help You with the College Planning Process?

Financial aid does not go to those with the most need; it goes to those with the most knowledge. The College Planning Group is designed to work personally with parents and students alike to insure that our client’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is as low as possible, while maximizing their financial aid package.

How We Help You

We realize that many families are going through this process for the first time. Our approach is designed to simplify the complicated. We guide you through the admissions and financial aid process to help you receive the financial aid you deserve.

The College Planning Group’s approach is unique in that we truly work one-on-one with each family and individual. With our personalized, step-by-step approach, we evaluate your situation and then tailor our recommendations specifically to your needs. Our services include:

  • Self analysis
  • A comprehensive assessment that probes interest, values, skills, and personality
  • Career search to identify optimum career path
  • Comprehensive search to identify colleges that meet chosen criteria
  • Organizational tools
  • Essay review and feedback
  • Resume assistance
  • Reminders of action items
  • Evaluate the family’s financial position
  • Calculate Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Provide strategies to lower the EFC and maximize aid eligibility
  • Provide estimates of cost and financial aid for each school student is considering
  • Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete CSS Profile form (if applicable)
  • Complete institutional financial aid forms
  • Ensure that forms are filled out accurately and on time
  • Review Divorce/Separated, Business/Farm Owners form
  • Review and update Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Check the accuracy of work done by government and college processors
  • Advise colleges of any special circumstances that might increase financial aid eligibility
  • Evaluate your award letters
  • Complete verification forms
  • Assist in negotiating for more financial aid when appropriate