Questions Families Should Ask Before Their Student Starts Or Returns To College Due To The Corona Virus

Many colleges and universities are saying the coronavirus will spread if students come back to campus in the fall.

However, many college administrators are contemplating over how to restart their classes regard less of the public health crisis that exists with Covid-19.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, which is tracking more than 860 institutions said “Two-thirds of colleges are planning to welcome back students in person, while only 7% are planning to hold classes only online. Many other colleges have yet to make a decision.”

The approaches that will be taken by the 3,000 four-year colleges and universities to address the Covid-19 crisis will vary from college to college.

Due to the Corona-19 virus, colleges and universities will need to commit to a new way of life, not only for the college’s staff but for students as well.

Some colleges are going so far as offering additional housing to students. Some students could be offered a single room occupancy.

Students could see smaller class sizes, and at a few colleges, students may be required to shower at scheduled times during the school day.

Most college will require the college staff and faculty to be tested for the COVI D-19 each month, and students will be tested when they arrive on campus.

What are some critical questions should students and parents ask school officials before attending college or before returning to a campus setting?

Students returning to campus:

  1. Will the college be testing all students and other personnel who come on campus, for the COVI D-19 virus?
  2. How offer will the college be testing students and other personnel?
  3. If someone tests positive for COVID-19, what are the college’s procedures for segregating that individual? Will they be quarantine? If it’s a student, will they be sent home?
  4. Will all students move into campus housing at the same time or will it be staged over a period of time (ex. over seven days)
  5. How many students will be in a dorm room?
  6. How will you screen off-campus students when they come on campus?
  7. How will they social distance individuals in classrooms and cafeterias?
  8. If my student decides to do a “Gap” year, will you still honor any scholarships and/or financial aid they may have received?

What are some critical questions, should students and parents ask school officials if the student elects to stay at home and take online classes?

Students stay at home and taking online classes:

  1. Will the tuition rate be reduced?
  2. What fees will be reduced or eliminated?
  3. Besides room and board, what other costs will be reduced or eliminated?
  4. What communication systems will you use to teach classes? (ex. Zoom, GoToWebinar, etc.)
  5. If my student decides to do a “Gap” year, will you still honor any scholarships and/or financial aid they may have received?