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Contains detailed timelines for Freshman to Seniors...
important dates and Scholarship advice included!


Take the Stress out of College Planning!

Worried about the cost of college and how to make your investment pay off?
Studies show that students who are provided with career and education planning services prior to college selection:

Graduate on time!
Attract more Scholarship money!
Less mistakes on Applications!
Have fewer transfers to other colleges!
Have fewer switches in their major area of study!
Obtain higher academic achievement!

Making the right choice from the start results in more positive outcomes for students and financial savings for parents.  To learn more about how career and college planning can benefit your family, call 781-828-1114 for a free consultation or for information on upcoming college planning seminars.

"The College Planning Group was there for me right from the start.  All the help, at such a confusing and emotional time, was so comforting.  Sometimes you have the knowledge but can not get it together….   CPG knows the emotions you are experiencing and understands, even if you ask the same question a different way, ten times!  Thank you for all that you do and continue to do with tips via e mail.  I highly recommend their services, even if you think you already know it all, you will be surprised at the help you get……and pleased to get the knowledge you need.   Signed….. a satisfied customer."

Christine Reilly, Hingham, MA

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