Stan Ezekiel, CCPS

Since 1994, Stan Ezekiel has been guiding families through the college planning and financial aid process.  His journey through the college planning maze began 25 years ago.  During this time, he was the east coast manager for a lucrative moving and storage company when his eldest son was college ready.  As many parents do, he hired someone to complete the FAFSA and the CSS Profile but found redundancies and errors in both completed forms.  Upon researching and questioning his own financial planner he chose to complete the paperwork himself.  Shortly thereafter, Stan accepted a position with a college planning company in New York. 

In 2006, tired of the Boston to New York commute he opened the doors to College Planning Group.  His office is in Canton, MA. 

Wearing the hat of both parent and college consultant, he understands the needs of the student and their parents. He has been assisting families find colleges that fit for many years.  What started out of necessity grew into a successful business.  Stan is committed to helping families through the college planning process.  Call with questions or to schedule an individual appointment.

Stan is affiliated in good standing with the following organizations:

National College Advocacy Group
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