Start Early

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for College. Here’s Why

When is the best time to begin College Planning? Some say Junior Year to give the student “time to acclimate” to High School. They recommend “let the student navigate the first 3 years of High School without the added pressure of College Planning”…But this only adds to the mounting pressure and could negatively impact finding the right college.


Planning early, after the middle of the freshman year in high school,  relieves the stress associated with the process.

Early planning allows students to be “kids” and enjoy the process while making rational decisions

Planning early allows the parents to understand the financial aid process and put themselves in a good position to receive financial aid.

Here are some of the benefits of starting in Freshman year:

  • Focus on HS Grades as Freshman means less stress Senior year
  • Focus on Course Selection means Guidance Counselors & Teachers involved early
  • Resume more complete and shows 4 years of accompolishments
  • College Financial Plans need time! Organize savings, investments, fund planning early
  • Must Have: Attractive Social Media Landscape! No Red Cups!
  • Tour Colleges Early and combine family time
  • Essays done sooner = better message, bigger picture
  • Start Earlier = Better College Fit

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