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The cost of higher education is staggering, but there are proven strategies for securing your child’s future. Since 1994, Stan Ezekiel and College Planning Group have been helping families like yours, guiding them through the admissions and financial aid process. When it comes to financial aid for college, most parents don't know where to begin. Often, families without proper direction or guidance pay more for college than they need to. College Planning Group is here to help!

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Our Philosophy

College planning is not just about financial aid – it’s about finding the right colleges for the student. Proper planning involves identifying the student’s interests, applying to schools offering majors that match those interests, and positioning the student to receive the best possible financial aid package. Our goal is to help students and their families find the best fit from the start, for the most successful and cost-effective college experience.

Stan Ezekiel, CCPS
Stan, the father of two college graduates, understands the stresses and uncertainties families face when approaching the college planning and application process. Stan founded College Planning Group to help families realize their dreams of college education for their children. He is a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) and a member of the National Institute of Certified College Planners (NICCP).

The College Planning Group is located in Canton, Massachusetts.

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